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There are many Moringa-based products available on the internet and in retail stores but most are repackaged products using raw materials sourced from 3rd world countries, often with questionable quality control standards or irradiated to meet export/import sanitation requirements. This powder is shipped in bulk across the globe for repackaging and marketing here in the USA.

Moringa California is not an international supplier. Our trees are grown in an agricultural preserve on our family farm in southern California. We harvest, process, pack and ship from our farm directly to you. When you order from us, you are getting the same thing we make for ourselves.

We personally inspect our trees daily to remove old or yellowing leaves before harvest.

Harvested leaves are dried in a sanitary dehydrator cabinet at 105F-109F to preserve the most nutrients. The leaves are then separated from the stems before crushing and grinding.

Our Story: Quality First

Our farm is primarily a commercial avocado grove but over the past 15 years we have planted many other subtropical and Asian fruit trees, herbs and berries for ourselves. Realizing the many health benefits of Moringa, we planted an area of Moringa Oleifera trees and starting making our own powder, capsules and teas for our own family and friends. We had such great results and feedback that we increased our plantings and started to offer our products to others. We only use the most nutritious leaves and petioles (small stems at the base of a leaf) to produce our extra-fine, premium powder.

We harvest and process everything ourselves in small batches to keep it fresh and to maintain the highest quality standards with our organically grown trees and low-temperature drying. We use no fillers, binders, or additives and are a certified farm following California's stringent best practices. All our products are non-GMO and vegetarian.

Avocados love the granite-based soil we have on our farm in southern California, and so does Moringa. Our leaf powder is a fresh green color with pleasant earthy scent and taste. We triple wash and dry in an enclosed dehydrator at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients. But for us, it is a difference that goes beyond taste... it is about providing fresh and nutritious products that can make a difference in people's lives.

We grow all our own product ingredients (moringa, mints, stevia, etc.) and the best endorsement is that we use our own products daily.

Moringa California's parent company is Insight Graphics. We publish Qi Journal, a quarterly trade magazine for English readers interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Taijiquan (T'ai Chi), Acupuncture, Herbs, etc. Our journal has been published since 1991. Moringa's history in ancient Ayurveda medicine fits well within our personal holistic approach to health and nutrition.

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