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Inspecting our leaves before harvest.

Resealable foil packaging keeps our powder fresh in your pantry.

Moringa Leaf Powder

Our powder is made directly from the raw leaves. By using the dehydrated leaves and processing at low temperatures, the whole herb is concentrated by approximately 6:1. Although Moringa leaf extracts can be highly concentrated, they no longer contain their original "natural" balance of nutrients due to the processing and extraction methods which often use alcohol, benzene, and other toxic chemicals. Raw Moringa Leaf powder should be a bright green color.

Our Processing

After harvesting our leaves, they are triple-washed during which they are visually inspected. Any yellowing leaves or older tough leaves are set aside to make fertilizer. The clean leaves are then dried at low temperature (104F-109F) in enclosed dehydrator racks to preserve their nutrients. Once thoroughly dry (usually within 24 hours), the leaves are stripped from their branches and crushed into a consistency we use in our Moringa tea bags. The leaves are finally ground into a fine powder using a stainless flour mill and stored in air-tight resealable foil bags.

Our powder is 100% dried Moringa Oliferia leaves with no stems, seeds, bark, blooms or roots.

Moringa California = "Quality"

We only use the most nutritious leaves and petioles (small connecting stems at the base of a leaf) to produce our premium powder.

We harvest and process everything ourselves in small batches to keep it fresh and to maintain the highest quality standards with our organically grown trees and low-temperature drying. We use no fillers, binders, or additives and are a certified farm following California's stringent best practices. All our products are non-GMO and vegetarian.

We hand sort and inspect our dried leaves before processing into powder to make sure we only use the bright green and tender leaves. The result is a bright green powder with fresh earthy scent and no bitter aftertaste.

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