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Moringa Tea and Tea Blends

Even though we take our own Moringa capsules daily, we also like to drink healthy herbal teas. We tried mixing Moringa powder in hot water and shaking it, but it never really dissolves completely even if left sitting overnight. Although it is drinkable... I wouldn't call it pleasant. We just wanted something we could brew and enjoy like our favorite green teas or even drink cold with ice in summer.

Each large cotton tea bag is filled with enough Moringa to make several cups.

Putting finely ground Moringa powder into tea bags doesn't work well. The powder clumps together and prevents nutrients and flavor from being extracted. So we use coarsely crushed dried leaves.

When flavor testing with our friends and neighbors, we discovered a wide range of preferences, both in how strong they like their tea and what they thought of the flavor. So the results of our testing led us to offer five different versions.

What does Moringa taste like?

At this point, I should mention that our Moringa is not bitter like most of the powder we have tried from other online sources. Our powder and crushed leaves have an mild earthy scent and taste. Most people say it tastes a bit like green tea with a hint of spinach or arugula. The stronger "horseradish" taste that Moringa is known for comes mostly from the roots of the tree which we do not use in our products.

Classic... just plain Moringa:
The first version is simple. 100% crushed Moringa leaves. Perfect for those who don't need to sweeten and enjoy Moringa's "green tea/spinach like flavor", or for those who want to add a little of their own honey or other sweetener to taste.

Moringa and Raw Stevia:
An alternative to our plain Moringa. This is a slightly sweeter version and we use our own raw stevia herb... not the highly processed white stevia sold in stores as a sugar substitute.

Moringa and Mint:
For those who like the taste and aroma of mint, we have peppermint and spearmint versions. Both of these use a small amount of mint to help sweeten and soften the natural Moringa flavor.

Morgina with Ginger and Stevia:
While experimenting with various flavors, we discovered that Ginger and Moringa go very well together, so we offer a Moringa with raw ginger powder and stevia powder.

The herbs we use in our blends are all organically grown on our ranch, dried and powdered like our Moringa. The stevia, mints, and ginger all have their own unique medicinal uses and although used in small amounts, add to the health benefits of our Moringa teas. Moringa does not contain caffeine, so feel free to drink it anytime during the day or night.

How to brew your tea:

Not everyone likes the same strength tea, but we recommend starting by using hot water (just shy of boiling), and letting the tea bag steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Moringa tea has a golden color. This process is similar to brewing a quality green tea in 195F water. Note: Using boiling water can destroy some nutrients, so if you have boiling water you can just let it sit for several minutes before using it. After brewing, you can squeeze the tea bag against the inside of the cup with a spoon before removing to extract more of the nutrients that are trapped in the water among the leaves. We use large tea bags with plenty of Moringa, so feel free to brew a 2nd cup with the same bag by just extending the brewing time a little.

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